What are the chances he feels the same way?

I really need help with this because it is eating me alive and I know the simple answer would be to tell him exactly how I feel and I'm planning on doing that, I just want some outside advice first...

So basically last year when I was away at school I met this guy that I really really liked. We both admitted we had feelings for each other and things were really good between us. We didn't date but we both talked about possibly dating when we go back to school in the fall. That sounds ridiculous but we both were extremely busy and I don't know we just had a lot going on. Well, a few months before we left school for the summer things were kinda different between us. I don't want to go into detail because that's a whole thing in itself but to say the least, there were still a lot of things left unsaid. We didn't talk for about a month and I was OK with that because I was hoping the feelings would go away but they didn't, I though about him constantly. Well, one day he ended up texting me and we started talking and it was really nice. However at the same time, it started bringing back all these feelings and it sucks. I wanted to go back to school and be genuinely happy to see him and just give him a big hug but I don't know how he feels. A couple weeks ago we talked about hanging out like we use to all the time and I want to so bad. I miss him a lot. I loved being around him and I want to see him. I definitely want to go back to the beginning where he would make comments about kissing me and I remember all the times he would walk me to my dorm and we would stand there not wanting to say goodnight and I want to go back to that but this time I want to kiss him and let him know how much I really like him and want to be with him. I get to see him in less than a month and I just want to be able to look forward to it.

I just want to know... what are the chances that he feels the same way as I do? Where he wants to go back to where we had strong feelings for each other because I definitely think he still has some feelings. I want to tell him EXACTLY how I feel but I don't know how he'll take it.

Any thoughts on what I should do or if he might feel the same way?



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  • I think the activities that happened in the summer ("the whole thing in itself") are critical to being able to give you an accurate answer. Since I have to go off of generalizations, my accuracy may suffer.

    1. I gather at some point you both felt strongly for each other based on the info provided.

    2. I gather he is still interested in you because he texted you and you two talked. The difference between then and now though may mean that interest is either the same, or just a friendship interest only. I don't know which. Since you didn't reveal any details about the correspondence, I can't say.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say he either feels the same, or is open enough to let you try with him until he does.

    • Basically the whole situation was my fault in over reacting when this other girl cans into the picture. He said he liked her, she wanted nothing do with him. I was hurt more than anything.

      Like this summer we've talked about hanging out and watching movies and cuddling like se use to and he says he wants to and for him to say that I just wonder if there art any feelings left on his part.

      So would you say that I should do for it and tell him how I feel and not hold anything back? Thanks!

    • Your attraction could be to emotionally abusive males. He really hurt you by going for another girl without considering you, and yet your question describes very amorous feelings to this person. You could express yourself to him to attain what you feel you want, however I think it would also be therapeutic to try to understand yourself better in this area.

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