Can this lead to us trying to be something again?

Me and this boy were talking for 4 months. When things were good between us they were great and when they went bad it was horrible. But than we ended things and about a month has gone by. During that month we never talked until one day he text me randomly saying hi. When we ended things it wasn't face to face it was more of we both haven't spoken or seen each other for 2 weeks so we just stopped talking. Than maybe like 2 weeks ago he's been texting me and little by little trying to have a conversation with me. Well I didn't want to get close again cause he dis stop talking to me cause he had another girl but she left now. Well my story comes to this:

2 days ago he got into a bad car accident. He had major injuries and I was scared cause I still am not over him and I didn't wanna lose him. Well he told me today he was thinking of me when he was in the hospital and had flash backs of us going to prom together and meeting my parents and how scared he was.

My question:

Does him thinking about me means he still has feelings for me? Is this a good thing?

I'm dying to see him.. He just got out of the hospital and they even had to shave his head cause he had bad cuts on his head. I just miss him..


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  • I think it has to mean something, it most likly is a good thing. I say go for what your heart tells you to do and see if things can work out.

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