File a divorce or hang in there to the end?

I went to my husband apartment on 3/7/09 in the morning before 9am, and he had given me a key. I knew that he would be at work so I knew that he was not at home. Anyway, as I was walking up the step I heard a television on in his room. I turned the door but it was locked so I knocked another woman that was naked open the door. I married this man August 30, 2008; two weeks later he left me and moved with another woman. Anyway, he called me one day apologizing and said that he had changed and wanted me to take him back. So, I told him lets just take things slowly. We got in a argument, and I did not hear from him no more that night or morning like I normally would. So I went by the apartment to talk with him when I find another woman there in his bed with no clothes on. She told me he had called her over that night. What are your opinions on this matter?


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  • He sounds like he doesn't really want to give your marriage a chance. If he was serious, he wouldn't sleep with another woman immediately after saying that he has changed. Jarett is right, divorce.

    • Whenever, we will get into a argument this is when he will call me bitch and hoes. Then, call other women over and sleep with them.

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    • Thank you, for being honest. God Bless!

  • Divorce!

    • I was told I had to waite a year, but when August 30, 2009 come this is when I make a year I will file for a divorce.

    • It's not worth it to be unhappy. Obviously he has shown that he can't be faithful. You deserve better hun. It's time to cut your losses and move on. There are guys out there that won't cheat. But you need to start having some self confidence, self esteem and stand up for yourself!!!

    • I will thank you for the words of confidence.God Bless!

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