Why is it so hard when you really like them??

Wouldn't it make more sense if it was easier then more you like them to tell them how you feel etc? We've liked each other for a while now, everyone's constantly dropping hints at us and taunting us, I appear quite confident but when it comes to love I'm unbelievably shy. He helps me out all the time, he gets very close to me and he goes all smiley when he's around me. We've been friends for some time and we both know what's going on. Just haven't verbally acknowledged it yet. I've had Every day this week to approach him (normally I hardly get to see him) and I never did. I'm SO annoyed at myself! I know he'd be cool with it so WHY can't I just say it? What in the name of God is wring with me? He's a normal person - he's a nice guy and he's not going to be a d*ck about it.

And now I won't see him for ages...


Somebody please just jump into my body for one day and sort this out - I'm such a retard... !


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  • When we confess something as deep as this, we're opening up ourselves to extreme vulnerability. We have no safeguards in place to prevent a no from affecting us and face it, everyone's afraid of rejection.

  • Same reason anybody chokes. They're afraid it won't work out, and not sure how they're going to handle it if he/she rejects them.


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