How can a girl make a potential future boyfriend less insecure and jealous of her past love interests?

I'm interested in someone I met online and talk to on Skype. Let's call him Joe. He really wants to date me, but we live a couple of hours apart and he works weird hours right now, so we need to wait a while. He knows about another guy (who I'll call Nick) I was talking to online and was interested in for a while before I met him. Even though I'm doing it to end things, he's jealous that I'm still contacting Nick and that I've ever liked him at all.

Although I was somewhat interested in Nick, he never totally had my heart and things had already been going sour between us, so Joe has no reason to worry. Also, Nick lives on the other side of the world, so chances of anything ever happening in real life were slim to none.

Is there any way I can make Joe feel less jealous of Nick as well as less insecure? I really care about him, and even though he knows that, he still feels this way and I don't think he should. Does he just need time, or is there anything else I can say or do?


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  • alright alright I get it you're interested in 4 other guys and you can't make a decision well pick the one who wear the color blue next time? sounds great alright see ya later.

    oh and what do you mean by weird hours.

    • I'm not interested in 4 guys. Where'd you get that? Did you even read the details? By weird hours, I mean they've given him weird shifts and change it every week. He starts in the evening and gets off early in the morning.

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  • You shouldn't tell a man about other guys. You will probably never be able to rid that image out of his mind, but what you can do is make him think you're not in contact with him anymore and that you aren't interested in him because he's the best thing in the picture. Just assauge his ego and make him feel better than the other guy

    • I only told him about the other guy because when we first met he was flirting with me and I hadn't developed an interest in him yet, so I told him then. As things got more involved, I told him I'd tell the other guy I wanted to break things off, but wanted to do it the right way (in a convo, not a message) and he even agreed and told me that was the right thing to do. It's not my fault that the other guy hasn't been online for a while. I just want to be honest with everyone in this situation.