I'm feeling a bit of sadness and I don't know what to do?

so I've decided to take a gap year this year

to work and also work on some subjects

but the sadness comes with

my "ex" and I well we Haven't been in a relationship but

we dated on and off and been on and off for about 3 years

i can honestly say my feelings for him are stronger

but we met when he lived in my town and than he went to the army and after the army he moved back home..and now in August his moving to my town to study again..

we talk often so we are close

last time we talked he wrote me

I'm coming to your town soon so we can meet soon :)

and its been 3 weeks where he hasn't been online

so I'm wondering if he has moved or not..he said he wanted to see me so he would tell me if his in town ?

I'm sad cause I'm afraid he will forget me when he moves and school begins for him..and I always wait for him to contact me because I don't want to seem annoying..

what to do :(


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  • Work is an excellent medecine against sadness.

    • Any activity that occupies your mind fully is an excellent medecine against sadness, of course.

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