What is this guy trying to tell me?

First, sorry this is so long and confusing.

A guy I talked to for 6 months randomly stopped talking to me for about a month. We were supposed to hang out and he never texted me then never texted after that. We've hung out before and he used to always text me every single day. When we hung out he told me many times how much he likes me. We've made out a few times and I spent the night once (only made out) and he was holding me the entire time-so I knew he liked me. A few weeks later he stopped talking to me, then I was confused.

I tried letting him go and moving on, even though it was hard. So, recently I went out with friends and we drank some. I, for some reason, thought it would be a great idea to text him saying "I miss you". He ended texting back the next night saying he's been in another state helping his grandparents out and he misses me and he apologized a lot for not talking to me.

We then got into a conversation about how he needed to see and talk to me when he got back in town. I was confused but said OK, and told him we should keep in touch more when I go to school, if he wasn't too busy. He then told me he's not too busy and that he wants to keep in touch. Then he randomly asked me "What if we can't see each other for a few months at a time?". I had no idea what he was talking about and I thought he meant when we were both away at school. He told me that's what he wants to talk to me about in person.

I then told him it sounded bad and he said "maybe lol jk but I really do like you a lot!". I told him I understood if he didn't want to talk anymore and he kept saying how much he likes me and "I like you more than you think". I finally told him that we haven't talked in a month so it didn't feel like he did like me.

He replied saying that he understands he hasn't been the best person to talk to but he doesn't want to leave on bad terms with the person he cares about. I replied saying I was confused after he stopped talking to me and that I really missed him.

He texted me back saying "You're the best girl I have met, honestly and I really, really like you so much its crazy Because you're the most down to earth girl I have met and I respect everything you stand for but I don't know why you care for me so much when you could have so many others instead?".

I then told him he was the sweetest guy I've met and that he's different than other guys and that he's patient with me since I have a hard time expressing my feelings. Then he never responded.

He has told me before that he feels like it's one sided, him liking me and that's it. This conversation was just so confusing and I don't understand what he's trying to tell me because it sounds like he's saying he really likes me and wants to be with me then at the same time it sounds like he doesn't want talk to me or be with me.

What is this guy trying to tell me?


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  • This guy is trying to tell you that he has absolutely no spine, balls, or self esteem, or is just an incredible moron. Seriously? He was with grandparens, and couldn't text or call? Where do they live that there is no cell signal... Antartica?

    Do you really want a man that you can't count on, and also that you need to cnstantly stroke his ego.

    So, I am going to ask you the same thing he did "Why do you care so much for him when you could have some many other more mature and emotionally stable men?"

  • i think he likes you btu he has problems in his life