GUYS: is there a reason he didn't text back? (other than isn't interested in talking to me)

this guy and I have known each other for years. he started the whole friendship. I am sure he like me for a long time but then in January he became convinced I like someone else and I think he gave up on me. he is a very sweet genuine guy. our only form of communication is texting because he is now graduated.he only texts me first when he has a reason though like asking me how my play went or asking me if I had Facebook so I could go check out a song he did. but we do text quite often. I've noticed lately though that he will often leave mid convo and not text back. but only if I say something like "true haha". but then when I text awhile later starting a new convo he texts back right away and always asks about me and my day. but that's about all he asks. the other night I said "..soo..?" and he texted back and said "sooo what? haha" and I said "idk ha ha I'm trying to figure out what to say and it's not going so well haha" I was trying to give him the opportunity to say something and actually ask something other then "did you have a good day today?" but I never heard back. why? what should I do? wait for him to text me?"


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  • Because he doesn't know what to say, just like you. Guys don't get subtle clues, hoping he understands what you want out of nowhere doesn't work.

    Saying "True haha" doesn't continue the conversation. Basically with that comment, the conversation is over. And then he doesn't know how to continue.

    If you like him, give him some strong clues you're into him, or even just ask him out. If you're too shy to do that, say something like "I have no one to hang out with this weekend, I'm going to be so bored."


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  • I must agree with "sixstring". The texts that say something like "True haha" don't really continue the conversation. All that is, is feedback. It's not even quality feedback. The more you send in a text back, the higher the quality of conversation (because there is more for the recipient to comment on)

    You should consider the quality of the text. Is it interesting to read?

    Is the text relevant to the previous text? You should always make a comment on what was said on the previous text, before you say something else.

    You don't want to put too little, but you don't want to be writing an essay to the guy. If I ever receive a long text, I feel that I should make a long text back. Sometimes, I can't write lots of words without waffling.

    If you like this guy, I would start getting flirty. Say jokes and I would definitely recommend wink face emoticons ;).

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