What does it mean if a guy says you are the only one?

he and I are dating but not boyfriend and girlfriend. the other day someone asked if we are boyfriend and girlfriend and we both just looked at each other because we were waiting for the other one to answer (what does that mean?)

anyway he was texting and he said "I'm texting one of my bitches" so I told him "whatever you want" and he said "no I'm just messing around with you, you're my only bitch"

i can tell he likes me from other things he does, but what does this behavior mean?


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  • Wow, sounds like a real gem. Probably means your the "only one" who'll spend any time with him.

    • he was teasing. I have my "nicknames" for him too, that aren't too nice.

    • Well in that case, why don't you suck all the pneumies out of my nose!...Only kiddin! ; - )

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