He ain't contacted me and won't reply.

I called my boyfriend at 9pm yesterday when he was finished work. it rang out so I phoned again it said his phone was switched off. so I went on xbox and he sent me a message saying he was going to his friends house because he was angry and needed to vent. I was annoyed that he switched off his phone. he never contacted me at all.

then at 11.30 this morning he sends me a message saying how he was just in and stayed at his friends I asked him why he didn't contact me he says there was no signal. we ended up in a fight and he hung up. I sent him a message asking him to phone me when he got off work. he didn't and is ignoring my calls.

What do I do


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  • Be quick to listen, and slow to speak.


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  • it sounds like you put him on a leash. soemtimes guys need space, and they hate when girls don't give it to him. you must really not trust him at all

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