Guys. Do you expect sooner, if a girl says she wants to be with you, than if you say you want to be with her?

How soon, do you expect shell be ready. if she tells you she wants to be with you?

Do you assume, well, if she knows she wants to be with you, that must mean, she's ready for sex. or do you not assume this?

I like a guy a lot. I want to try being with him, I've never really made an effort to be with anyone. And with him, I sort of prevented us from being together last time we tried. So I want to try again.

(I was just too busy with work, & he got hurt. insulted/ offended/ frustrated.. it fell apart. )

anyways I'm concerned its pointless to say anything, because if I say I want to be with u, hell assume I'm ready for sex.ive never had sex, I've never been with anyone, except him. so I wouldn't be ready right away.

What I i mean, is it irrational, to say yo want to be with someone, if you already know you are not ready for sex?

Would you take it as., I want to be with you, yet I don't.

or would you see it as I want to be with u, just not ready for sex.

would you wonder why someone would think they want to be with , if they don't want sex-yet?

Im not confused as to how I feel about hm, & I'm not looking for a replacement. I just want to know about this situation. not alternative people.

Any thoughts, helpful. thanks.

Do you expect SEX sooner.

Do you think wanting to be with you, equates , to being ready to have sex with you.


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  • Where's the romance in this world.

    All these desperate dude watching internet p*rn and Facebook'ing all day think that sex is on a checklist.

    If I were a chick, I would expect a guy to seduce me to get my panties off.

    If he expects it, he's a douche bag. A real man would make you want it.

    • So, then that's a no ? lol good.

      thanks for answering;)

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    • You had a job, and obligations, I'm sure you had some goals to and that "offended" him.

      That's immature. My S.O and I have pretty intense careers, we have a lot of responsibilities to others. And that's doesn't offend me at all. because she is my "companion", not my "possession". She's not all mine, the world needs her too. He's immature.

    • no. if he just git upset because I had things to do, I wouldn't be in love with him. that's completely disrespectful.

      he was hurt because I never communicated that with him. I just disappeared. literally. we were together& he'd wanted to be with me for a long time. then I just stopped talking to him. there were other things I was dealing with too, but he didn't know that. he just thought I didn't care anymore.

      anyways no one is automatically mature-it needs practice.

      why do you think he'd expect sex?

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  • No I don't expect sex sooner if she says that. We'll have sex when we're both ready.

    • So, wanting to be with you, & being ready for sex, are not the same thing to you?

      thank you, for answering;)

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    • It is the right way to be haha. You're not alone :)

    • ;-) ;-)

  • I never expect sex and I never make assumptions, I mean I don't know what kind of person would demand sex or break up with someone or nag someone about sex just because they made the move. If you want it to be good it has to be when both people are totally ready

    • I agree. thank you for answering ;)

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