How to get even?!?!?

How can I show my boyfriend that he needs me just as much as I need him, teach him a lesson. He is so nonchalant and acts as though he would never be jealous. I don't want to go out of my way to hurt him but I want him to know he can loose me. He knows I've made him my everything and id do everything for him but I need him to realize he can't just sit around and treat me like sh*t because he knows I'm madly in love with him. I want him to feel the same way I feel when he goes out with his friends and gets drunk. He is so used to me sitting home doing nothing without him. How do I show him their is a chance he can loose me and their is a possibility I could leave him?

not in my nature to be any such thing, we have been together for over a year and he was their when I got into my accident, I can't just leave him. When my whole life changed and was thrown upside he was their and made me depend on him...which is bs I never needed anyone before it happened...perfectly content being independent having fun and doing as I please and not having to worry about anybody else and what that could do to hurt me. I need him, its a loose loose situation. -__________-


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  • Burn his house down.


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  • Add boundaries to your relationship. Don't let him treat you like sh*t.

    This does not mean you don't love him. Do not let anyone deceive you in this (i.e., "If I can't walk all over you, then that means you don't love me!"). You can love him while firmly saying no to what's unhealthy for you.

    If he won't respect your boundaries, the love you feel for him now will fade and wither in time, and all you have will be bitterness.

    Whether he learns to treat you nicely back remains to be seen. Even if this is something you want more than anything in the world, you may have to face the possibility that may not be achievable with this particular man...

  • Cut off all communication 100%.

    If anything, tell him he needs to figure it out.

    Unless is in your nature to be trampy, there's no need to talk to other dudes.

  • Talk to other guys. have guys hanging on you, go do things with them. Watch it eat him on the inside. If he doesn't care, o'well. Make options available. Just have it known that if you do this, he is going to be insecure. Ask yourself, is it worth that? An Insecure man is a possessive one. That can destroy your relationship. AS buddha would say.

    Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.

    • If you want advice this is my take: Let him do what he wants, have faith in him. Don't get Jealous, let him think whatever he wants, but as soon as you give him freedom, and he comes back to you, you know you can trust him. Let him flirt do w/e. but if he isn't sleeping or anything with them and he is still coming home to you, be happy. He'll probably call you wondering why he is telling you he loves you and what the hell is going on because most girls don't let us be ourselves.

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  • Have your own life, as much as possible. That sitting at home keeps him complacent (I'm the same way).

    • i feel no need to be stupid anymore I've settled down and he has to but karma is a b^&*h