If you've seen other ways for girls to fight over a man without him knowing about it, let me in on the dirt.

Was hanging with my nephew today and he told me about one breakup he had. He had a fight over the girl not taking care of a health issue that turned out to be cancer - he didn't know this until much later, but was the person to make her go to the hospital when she had symptoms.

She got angry with him for taking her to the ER, and went back home to her family. He tried to get her back, she wouldn't come home to him...

Anyways. A friend of his hooked him up with a girl he knew, and one thing led to another.

This girl, the first night she was with him, waited for him to fall asleep and then texted a pic of her posing in bed with him, to someone she knew would blab about it everywhere.

So, I'm assuming she wanted to stay with my nephew for a bit, and did this to run the other bird from the nest. So to speak.

Have you ever done something like this, or had it done to you? I'm fairly savvy to people doing this sort of thing - I've seen Telemundo soap operas... haha

How common is it in your social circle? If you've seen other ways for girls to fight over a man without him knowing about it, let me in on the dirt.


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  • It gets more and more common as we get older but it also gets more obvious to spot.

    I've seen girls at my high school start physically fighting over a guy before. This happens more often with situations where cheating has occurred. Of course, the guy found out...after the fight.

    I've also seen girls smack talk the other girl to the guy. This happens more often during the flirting stage when the guy hasn't "chosen" yet.

    Sometimes if it's two girls from different social circles the entire groups will hate each other if both are aware of the situation. This usually happens if one side is trying to "steal" the guy.

    If they're trying to be subtle the girl might try to get closer to the other girl's guy by posing with him more often, hugging him more in front of her, and so forth.

    Those are the only three examples I've seen. It's hard for the guy to detect for the most part.

    • Ah, that explains a few moments where there were dramas no one would enlighten me about.

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