Having a boyfriend and don't want him to feel bored?

so I'm having a boyfriend and I don't want him to feel bored in our relationship because of me, so what to do?


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  • Do you share any hobbies or interests?

    • no, not really

    • You should try to find things you can enjoy doing together.

    • we enjoy everything together, but I worried I don't want him to feel bored someday

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  • Don't hang out with him 24/7.

    There needs to be a purpose when you two see each other.

    Either because you miss him and need some reciprocated affection, or you are going out to do some activity.

    Hanging out because you are "bored" is a good way to make things get stale fast.

  • Remember that your the prize you shouldn't be bending over backwards for him, a guy wants to work for his girl that's where the entertainment comes in

    • yeah, he is working hard but I don't want him to feel bored cos I feel shy sometimes, what about changing my look? will it make diff?

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  • part of being in a relationship is being content with someone even with nothing exciting is going on. you shouldn't feel obligated to keep him entertained all the time.

    • yeah, but honestly I love him =/ and if he felt bored I don't want to hear him saying ''i want to break up'' got it?

    • then it means that you two aren't meant for each other. if you two don't share common hobbies and interests and if he gets bored, it's not a reflection on you, it just means that you two aren't compatible. you're both young and there is plenty of time for falling in love. try not to take things so seriously at this age, guys don't really grow up until their late 20s anyway.

    • its true you should be able to be around each other even when nothing amazing is happening. also you should be able to find things to do-togeyher. as in its not all up to u, or him.

      as fr as not taking things seriously. that's crap. how someone takes things is part of who they r. its no ones place to tell someone when they should or should not feel passionately.

      alot of people fall deeply in love when they are young.. maybe you havent, or maybe it was not requited, but that's you. its not advice.