GUYS: if you are into a girl would you want to see her when she casually mentions something?

This guy I've known for years, is a good friend. I know he liked me up until January but then he became convinced I liked someone else and sorta gave up on me. So I don't know for sure how he feels now but I do know he really cares about me and respects me. But I think he might think I've friend zoned him because I gave him a graduation card and said "thanks for being such a great friend" or something like that. Well we never see each other but we text all the time and have good convos. I was thinking it was all going well and it seemed like he might still like me. He writes music\lyrics (it's like one of the most important thing to him) A few nights before I told him for the first time that I write lyrics and have been for several years. He seemed excited and even asked for some help on a song he was writing then. So maybe a few days later I said "hey I don't know if you'd want to, but maybe we could write some music together this summer" he wrote back "i don't know what's going to happen this summer but maybe" now he is really busy with work and such and it's true it would be sorta awkward to be together at his house because I'm one of his little sister's best friends. and we are both homes chooled and he seems to often be shy about flirting\physical contact because he doesn't know if I'd be "OK with that"...I was kinda surprised actually-he seemed like he was going to ask me just a few nights before but almost seemed like he didn't want to when I asked him. I was almost a little hurt by it...Does he just not like me?

I did then apologize for asking (cause I was embaressed) and he wrote back "don't be sorry =)" which didn't really make sense why he said that...


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  • Well, he might still like you... The real question here is: do you like him? If you do make it clear.. He doesn't want to cross a line that will ruin your friendship. When he said: don't be sorry =) it sounds as though he was subtly hinting that he wants to write with you. So don't lose your head, keep calm and follow you heart.

    • well...yea I like him. but I'm also a little scared to jump into a relationship with him because I tell him almost everything-he's like my best friend. my older brother dated his best friend and the broke up and now he has no one to talk to like he used to which made the breakup 10times harder. but he really was hinting he had interest in writing? even though he didn't seem so sure in the text before?

    • He wasn't sure whether or not he'd be busy on the holidays. Sometimes being busy is just that, not always tryingto avoid you. All good relationships come from a strong friendship. Make sure that you guys agree if it gets too much that you'll go back to friends. I've done this before and it works. You just can't let things get awkward. Pretend nothing happened if you need to.

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