Am I being a fool to wait for him?

Ok, so there's this guy, a very close friend of mine, who just left his long-time girlfriend this spring. I came to realize I fancied him when he started telling me about this girl he liked. I told him I fancied him, he said now was the time for him to have his fun before getting into anything serious.

So I thought maybe it would change things between us : if anything, it got us even closer. We can talk at night until three in the morning, and this, every night. He tells me about this girl again, but can't hear about any guys without saying he is better, or just shutting his mouth. He even forbid me to talk about one of them I cared deeply about.

Now I come to realize it's not just fancy, I'm in love. And honestly, on his side, he acts like a fool, because no one, not even "rivals" can deny the attraction and tension between us, but it seems I will have to wait for anything to happen.

I am confused, everything tells me he likes me, and I certainly don't want to be the girl he'll have his fun with, but am I being a fool to wait ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why wait? It's driving you mad. Be up front with us, PLEASE!

    Should take my own advice since I'm also waiting...and it's driving me mad.

    • yes waiting is hard... it's just, I know right now he wants smthg not serious. I know him well enough to know that now is not a good time for him... he's too confused...

What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly... if he liked you that much he would be dating you by now and wouldn't be using that "I need to have my fun first" excuse. He's getting jealous because he wants to be the only guy you give you're attention to, it's just natural jealously which doesn't mean you guys are meant to be. Maybe my opinion is biast because I've been through this same bull**** before, but I wouldn't bother waiting around for him...

    NO girl should have to wait for a guy like that...and if you are he is just getting exactly what he wants and you are getting absolutley nothing out of it except disappointment!

    • well I get what you say. my own opinion may well be biased too but I know him by heart and I know right now he's a mess and he's confused. I don't mean wait in a puppy style, just live what comes up, have my own fun, knowing feelings...might grow for another who knows but are very much directed towards him...

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