Was it stupid to think this could be real?

okay so I really like this guy I go to school with and he asked me out on a date but before we went out I told him that I was a virgin and I have never done anything with anyone... we went on the date to the movies and we had a lot of fun then the next day we went to his house to watch a movie about 5 min into the movie we started making out and from there it went on and on he kept biting me which made me really horny and I sucked his dick but I wouldn't have sex with him so he drove me home and we kissed good night then he wrights me on myspace and says that we are going to fast which is true and that he thinks we should slow down and we should just be friends and decide later if we want to date...

so what I am asking is am I stupid to think that for once in my life something could be good?


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  • unfortuneatly I believe he is playing games with you. because you told him you were a virgin he tried to take advantage of the situation. and when I didn't go his way it magically was "too fast". I believe he wants it to be friends only because he knows your not going to put out. this however is a blessing in disguise. never compramise on your values because this is what makes you who you are. Being a virgin is a good thing I personally am one as well and I'm 23. I've had oppurtunites but never with the right girl and now with age comes wisdom I can now wait for the perfect girl and make it special and something I want to remember not forget. I hope this helps you out. Take heart kiddo the right guy will come.

    • I guess I see it now, thank you

    • Being a virgin isn't really a good or bad thing. Sex is sex. It always has been. There is no right or wrong age to decide on when you want to make that decision on loosing it. If you 12 or 33. It doesn't matter. Yeah, so what if the parents don't agree. Either way, It's still sex.

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  • Even if you're wrong, even if you're wrong a thousand times, go in hopeful. Despair and cynicism are EXTREMELY unsexy, and b. hopeful people are happy people.

    This'll make more sense in twenty years, but trust me: wounded, trusting love beats armored, steel bitterness ten times out of ten.

  • LOL. I'm sorry but from your story, I can't help but picture him asking you out to a movie.

    "Hi, would you like to go to a movie with me"

    Yeah, that would be great. Oh, btw, I'm a virgin"

    Is that the way it's done now?

    • No see I have liked him for a while and my friend told him that I like him but he didn't know anything about me so she told him to ask me something anything and I will answer it so he asked me why I'm so weird when guys get close to me so I told him because I'm a virgin.... but thanx lol

    • Haha, I know right.

      I'm pretty sure he asked

      her. Like one of those

      "random questions".

      Haha, Like isn't it obvious, If he

      asks her that.

      Like duhhh.

  • this really depends on the guy. if he starts seeing girls right away, you know what he's looking for. if he's still showing strong interest in you, he may be telling the truth. young guys, young thoughts. might not wanna tie down yet w/o some sexual experience

  • He must have realized you're both a bit young


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  • Seriously? You topped him. Then the next day, he says lets not date.

    You've got to be kidding. All he wanted was some mouth hun.

    Okay, He probably went back and told his friends. And gave you

    a rating. Trust me. I'm around guys 24/7. Nothing new. Then he's

    going to come back, possibly. And want more. Not just head, sex.

    And technically, You did have sex. Its called Oral SEX.

    Sex doesn't always mean intercourse. So...

    I suggest you don't give a guy head on the second date.

    Or third, fourth, fifth, sixth.. Catch my drift.

    • Its notlike I was planing it , it just happened I know it was really stupid and I wish I didn't but I did and I can't change that no matter how hard a wish...

    • Nicely put....you said EXACTLY what I was thinkin

    • Nicely put merileanna you said EXACTLY what I was thinking

  • obiviously girl...you went to far with the suckin dick part...you could have takin it slow a little kiss here a little kiss there.but now he sees that you want down too quick to suck his dick and he see's you as a girl who is easy and come on he's a guy he\s gonna think how may other guy has she done this far.but if he says lets b friends then reality there is no chance sweetie..