Why would a guy ask if I am seeing a male friend?

I told him I am meeting a friend for drinks and he wanted to know if this was a guy I am meeting. We have a thing but aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. Does that mean he would be jealous?

Someone thought we were a couple and asked us and when that happened we both just looked at each other and so he jumped in by saying we are friends trying to fool with everyone by acting this way.

he never called me his friend and sure acts like more. He told me I logged really upset to hear the friends word and said "so, am I your friend?" I joked "my best friend ever" and he says "these things are so complicated" but we have another date and he is acting normal.

What gives? We are not remotely platonic and were not friends ever, we started dating right away.


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  • If I was interested in a girl I'd ask her if she had a boyfriend. If it's a no and she says yes when I ask her out it wouldn't matter to me if she's going on a date with someone else. We're all big boys and girls, dates aren't a contract. They're just a way of getting to know each other.

    • We have been seeing each other for months and he says we are dating and we act like a couple. It is complicated with us though.

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    • I won't pretend to know what's going on in his head. But I do know what until you make it openly exclusive he'll always have doubts.

    • That until*

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