I feel he's holding back, should I talk to him?

When we were hanging out, he did not hold my hand, he said because I wear high heel...? We never been introduced to each others' friends. I knew he has many other strange young girls in his contact. Am I paranoid? or should I talk to him?

We are in a relationship for 4 months. He said if he holds my hands when I wear high heels, I will easily tumble.


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  • Ok OK, who is "he"? Your boyfriend? A friend you have a crush on? A guy you're dating?

    Anyway, not holding hands because you wear high heels is just plain weird. What does wearing heels have to do with holding hands? Lame excuse in my opinion.

    Why do you think you're paranoid and what should you talk about?

    Not a lot of information here to be honest.

    You could always ask him why he thinks he can't hold your hand because you wear heels.

    • Oh, just grab his hand and say with a little smile: if I fall, I'm taking you with me