Would you continue to chase someone who railed you?

Question is as is as was then. Would you continue to chase someone you like and have made a pretty deep connection with, but one night got irritated from a withdrawal and just railed you, trying to anger you on purpose?

  • Yep, withdrawal is not to be underestimated, but there's still hope.
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  • Nope, withdrawal is not a excuse to rail someone, especially someone you care about.
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Alright some clarification. I was invited to do meth and was willing to give it a try. Not a newbie to drugs or quitting em. Wasn't my intention when going there that night, but it came up. I didn't know she was into meth before this either, and most definitely wouldn't have chased from the start until she cleaned up. But other than these 2 things...I'm still crazy about her. Towards the end of that night, I was going to open up to her since she wanted to know, but just began assuming again so d
didn't bother. I just left and haven't talked to her since. Saw her yesterday (5 days later) and she acted like none of it happened. Still had the look of affection in her eyes, but I just can't look at her the same.
Also, I've known her for about 2 months now and we've been seeing each other for about 1. So...not like I -really- know her yet. Apparently I was supposed to f*** her that night...no thanks. Not till she cleans up.


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  • What did you do

    • She;s doing hard drugs, That would be a problem for me.

    • The thing is, I really don't think she's doing it because she's addicted. She's staying in a motel with her cousin who goes out with her fling a lot. The gal I like is usually left alone afterward so...gah. See...I

    • ...wtf am I doing. I'm going to see her tonight.

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  • I don't see no big problem there so yeah id stay


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  • I chose B, but it's not exactly that she railed me. It's that she's on hard drugs in the first place. Huge no for me.

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