Anyone else here, feel ashamed of wanting to be with someone?

Anyone else here, feel ashamed f wanting to be with someone?

iv always felt obligaed to be alone.

its a waste of time to get caught up in love,& id be stronger if I never gt ibcolved.

it was simple enough when you didn't like anyone anyways.. but now that I'm in love, its --well for one, I'm sitting here thinking about it. which is wsting time. which is disturbing.

i can't quite just say forget about it. but I can't do anything, I'm consumed with guilt/ shame. fir wanting to be with someone.

im not lonely, I don't really care er se about being in a relationship, but I do want to be with that person,. if he didn't exist, id just go on as usual. but he does exist.

I feel like I'm missing out in a valuable experience, by doing nothing. I would feel like I was giving in to my emotions, by doing something.

i find holes in either side, as far as rationality goes. So, I'm stuck. so I just wondered if anyone had similar perspective, who could relate. or a totally apposing perspective, to give a differnt angle. as I'm tired of mine. its been most of my life.

i not really looking for someone to give me permission, to love. like oh its OK go ahead, wonderful. because I already feel obligated not to. & something feeling great, is not a sufficient reason to do it. more often than not. its a reason not to.

I just want to hear what people think.



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  • just go with it stop thinking so much about it all. you won't be prepared for it all the good the bad and the worst just do you only have one life and when your old and you see people in love (you probably see it now) it takes way more energy to love someone. girls are born with a soft heart. really to tell you the truth I know a lot of girls sitting and waiting to be loved. its not right but its how they are raised to wait for prince no such thing a relationship is created by 2 therefore it takes 2 not one waiting and one trying his heart out. but I glad your in love and stuff walk with it express it in brace it.

    • im not thinking about it , it is how I think. its already been thought out over a decade ago. That's the point. its part of who I am. do you understand what ethical dilemma is?

      if I could just step out of it, I wouldn't be asking this question.

      i didn't grow up waiting fir orince carming. I grew up not getting involved with anyone because I thought IT was weak. not 'girls'

      what does anything you have said here have to do with my question, which is do YOU, feel ashamed in wanting a relationship.

    • my answer is in my of course I would not fill ashamed if I wrote all that positive stuff,and please explain your dilemma?

  • No it's not something to be ashamed we all feel like that.

    But honestly you shouldn't worry about it. :)

    I feel the same way. just being honest here.

    • i don't understand. if you feel ashamed, how can you be sure, its not something to be ashamed of.

      im looking for evidence, that it is not. because I do not like thinking this way.. but more times than not, it seems like the less you want someone, the more dignified you are.

      i can make more arguments for being single-as far as self respect, productivity, dignity, strength, go then I can , for being in a relationship. so I really can't justify acting on what I feel I want, in this situation.

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