What to do with this situation? I wanna fix this mess!

I was seeing this guy. It got broken off 2 weeks back because he felt I was putting pressure on him and expecting a relationship from him. He just came out a long term relationship which he ended

on his own terms because his ex went crazy on him. Everything was grand to start with and we were making future plans to spend time together i.e attending his Grans golden anniversary and what dress I'd wear to it. We also talked of days here and

there. Everything was going so fast and we both freaked out a little; but he did more than I.

Anyway last weekend we were out locally with our friends and no longer officially seeing each other for the first time. I tried to ignore him but he started speaking to me first. He was asking who

other guys were that I was talking to and then telling me all about his week. It was OK but difficult as I still had feelings for him.

The night dwindled from there as he started talking to a girl that he knows I'm really really not keen on and I almost felt as if he was trying to make me jealous. He'd glance over at me now and then

while almost flirting with this other girl.

By the end of the night we were admittedly both drunk. I had lost my inhibitions and wanted to run to him. So I did and offered to see him home. It was OK to start with but he got a bit agitated and

so did I. I asked him if he didn't care t all about me now. He said no, not even a little bit. At this I left him standing there and made my way home. Two minutes later he phoned and offered me to

stay at his.

My feet were sore so I agreed that I'd leave early in the morning. He offered to put on a movie and gave me some pyjamas. It was so peaceful and just like old times again. I felt relaxed. He turned and gave me a little eskimo kiss and kissed my lips softly then said "I shouldn't be doing this" I said "don't you want to kiss me" he said "yes, I do..." but he turned his back from me and at that I snuggled into his back and him held his hand and we slept. He turned towards me once and pushed his head into my arm. I left alone in the morning letting him sleep.

We went all week not speaking. I was so confused. Anyway last night he had been at a friends party. He was drunk and texted me in the early hours of the morning wondering how I was and if I hated him because of our last weekend together. I was unsure of whether to reply but I let him know I didn't hate him. He told me he couldn't remember much of the last weekend. I said he was lucky he didn't because it was a disaster. He agreed. He said he thought I hated him because when he woke up I wasn't there. I told him it was because I was embarrassed and he was sound sleep so I didn't want to awaken him.

He didn't get back to my last message. I thought maybe he was attempting to reconcile.

Is there anything I can do? Do you think he still has feelings that he might act on with me?


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  • if he ever...no let me rephrase if any guy dose this it will always be indirect.lol but when he asked you about yourself earlier you should have just sat him to the side and talk to him before that girl.lol cause right now looks like a lost cause. see girls make the mistake of thinking we can read your mind when your not talking you should have told him how you felt. guys will always swing to a easy rebound for pride reason. and if that girl hates you or dislikes you in any way he will have his way with her.see where I'm coing from with this?

    • yeah I kinda see where you are coming from! but not entirely sure of how this can be a total lost cause - everything's gotta have a solution. Seriously though this girl is not too attractive and he's turned her down many times before. I just plain dislike her and he knows it.

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    • I'm scared in case the feelings are no longer mutual! I guess it is my solution. so messed up! haha

    • there will be tougher things in life.thats how I think about it:)

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