Subconscious reaction?

An old friend kissed me on the neck when saying goodbye. I reacted, leaning into him and then pulled back after a while. I feel that I shouldn't have reacted or leaned into him even though it is a subconscious reaction. Now when we see each other, we don't talk about the 2 incidents, but we still enjoy talking to each other and meeting up.

I put it down to a subconscious reaction and momentary indiscretion ?

Sometimes I sensed he was about to say something about the kss on the neck incidents ( look in his eyes) , but then he would back off.


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  • It is probably not subconcious, but reflexive. There are areas on the surface of a woman -- often times different for each woman -- that are sensitive (and responsive) to soft touch. He probably found one of these. Typically they are found on neck, shoulders, knees, feet, wrists, etc.. and as I said before, are different for everyone.

    Men don't have this kind of sensitivity.


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