Haven't seen my friend in a year, weird to ask her to hang out?

I know this is probably a really stupid question, but I was pretty good friends with this girl my senior year in high school, towards the end of the school year. We graduated a year ago and we only got to see each other once all summer because she had a job and was really busy and she's kind of a flake. So, when I asked her to hang out, she forgot about it. But, she truly is a great friend. She helped me through a ton of boy drama and any time I've texted her asking for advice she's been there for me. We've kept in touch through texting a little. I messaged her on FB to see how she is. She said her summer's been boring and asked how mine is.

I have so much to tell her about my freshman year in college and I want to hear about her's too, so I want to ask her to meet me for coffee, but I'm so bad at asking my friends from high school to do stuff because I haven't seen them in so long, I'm shy so I'm afraid it's going to be awkward, and I'm afraid she's going to forget like lat summer.

But we were such good friends. I don't want to lose a good friend from high school. So, if you haven't seen a friend in a year, do you catch up through messaging first or just ask them to hang out? Again, I know this sounds stupid, but I'm really shy and I never initiate hanging out.


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  • Just ask her out, nothing wrong with it but be ready to receive a "no", as some people don't like staying friends with those who neglect them for a long time.

  • There's nothing wrong with it.

    Be like Nike and JUST DO IT.


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