Was this a bad question to ask my girlfriend?

I asked my girlfriend, "Do you flirt for tips at Hooters" and she said, "w.e feels like you don't trust me when you ask that." What did I do wrong it was just a question and why is her brother calling me insecure


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  • It's obvious where that question came from. I can totally see why her brother calls you insecure, because you obviously are.

    Girls will flirt for tips, whether they work at hooters or Starbucks. That's the nature of the business.

    Only a very insecure guy would not know this, and would ask his girlfriend about it. Because basically he doesn't want to admit it to himself, and he will react negatively when she points out the bleeding obvious.


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  • Yes you basically want to find out how dishonest she would be for money. I would have taken great insult with that.

    • I didn't mean to do that, I apologized and she said she forgave me but I feel like she's still mad

    • Who wouldn't be mad. You asked if she flirted for tips. That's so messed up. Give it some time though so she can truly forgive you. Plus why don't do something for her to let her see how sorry you are about saying what you did. Another thing, if you don't put trust in the person you are with you will soon lose them. So you aren't doing yourself any favors by not trusting her.

    • She forgave me

  • i flirt for tips at hooters...and I don't even work there;)


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