How to tell him I want more?

I have a guy friend who have had a crush on me pretty much since the beginning. I wasn't ready for anything at the time so I always turn him down and told him I love him as a friend but he should look for a girl that wants to be in a relationship. Now we haven't talked like 6 months and I miss him a lot and I'm starting to think maybe I made a mistake not giving him a chance atleast. I don't know what to do, and his birthday is coming up so I'm thinking of giving him a call but at the same time I do feel like I'm forcing my way back in sense we haven't talked in a while. What do you think I should do? And how should I tell him I'm ready for a relationship?


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  • say "I think I'm ready and want a relationship with you". I didn't know a girl missing you actually worked, are you sure you want a relationship with him? Seems like you liked him as a friend and didn't want any more than that, when he was gone you just started to miss him..

    • Well I did like Someone else when I got to know this guy. That's why I wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone else. The reason I miss him is cause he was always there for me and always brighten my day. And I did start liking him slowly but surely but I never told him cause I didn't want to promise something I might not be able to keep. And he started playing games so I would get jealous and then my feeling cooled down.

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    • He played games, like once I was acting cold towards him on MSN and he told me he missed me all day and I told him to stop talking like that and he made a joke and I said I have to go and I signed out. I know that hurted his feelings a lot and the next day he said hey I met this great girl today and we are going out on a date tomorrow. And I apologized for my behavior the day before and he didn't mention the girl again if I didn't ask him about her, so I have a feeling she was made up

    • Yeah sounds like he may have been then..

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