I don't know what he's thinking..should I even bother anymore?

I met a guy a couple of months ago and we have been hanging out. He travels for work, and before his last trip I asked to see him before he left and he couldn't make it at the last minute. I wasn't sure if that was a sign of disinterest, so I kind of backed off. When he got back from his trip he was the one who called me and we chatted, but I was the one who initiated the plan and he made up for last time.

We chilled a couple of times again after that, and he has a work trip coming again next week, this time for three weeks. At the end of our last meeting, he said something like 'ill try to see you one more time before I leave' and I responded enthusiastically "for sure!" and we hugged goodnight

To me that was not a very solid plan, so again I am backing off, and don't want to be too pushy because I know he is super busy at the same time. He's leaving in two days and has not contacted me. Sometimes I feel he's not putting enough effort in, so I'm not even bothering with initiating another plan with him. As a friendly gesture I'll still wish him safe travels etc.

But he is really confusing me, like he'll call me to chat, respond to texts, come out and we have a great time when we hang out...but he just seems really passive.

I feel like I have put effort in..and that it is his turn. Or is that wrong of me to leave it up to him?


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  • I think that the fact you're the one setting up the dates is a bad sign unfortunately.

    You're definitely right about him not putting in effort, if he was really into you he would be seizing the opportunities for sure... but seems he's being a bit comfortable by contacting you through calls and such.

    I don't think it's wrong at all that you left it up to him, he brought it up anyways!

    • should I even text him a 'have a good trip'?

    • I think that's up to you.

      It'd be completely understandable if you didn't since you're a bit upset about his behavior. It's also a nice gesture though, one that would probably make him realize he missed his chance.

    • thx =)

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