Is it bad to text a guy first?

So a guy and I usually text each other first every other day. Recently I have texted him first for the past three days. He has shown a lot of interest in me. From coming up with ideas to invite me places to visiting me. I really want to text him now, but I don't want to seem clingy or desperate.


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  • It's not exactly "bad", but if you do more often it does run the risk of appearing clingy. Desperate? Not so much, since I take that as you willing to do anything for him, not really applicable to texting him first.

    I don't think you should worry about what you may come off as, but also try letting him make some effort in communicating too. Ideally it should be both of you having no problem texting first.

  • Yup, would make me feel like she was thinking about me and that is a major turnoff. Lol in all honestly as long as you aren't texting him non-stop.. Some girls have texted friends while were trying to do something and he's like omg I don't know how to make her stop blahblah.

    • lol you are joking on ther first sentence right? And "non-stop"? What's the limit on texting a guy? lol

    • Yeah, I don't know girls seem really hesitant to text guys if you like him text him once in a while. If he says just working or something, you could ask to make plans later or something. I don't know how many guys do, but some people give shorter answers. It's just if he seems into the conversation keep talking but guys need a little time alone sometimes as well, I was actually playing with someone online, his girlfriend texted him and he said I JUST DIED I GOTTA GO.

    • It's kinda hard to say but try to gauge if he's really into the conversation if it's going on for a while may be time to stop for a bit. If he texts you often there really shouldn't be a problem unless he is at work or with friends.

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