What should I do??......Its driving me crazy!!!

Ive always known what I want in a relationship and though I do I still put up with lots of crap from females. Bt, I found this girl been together for 7 months nw and evertihing was cul in the beginning, after month 5 things changed...Nw I'm a guy,i don't lik problems so I always wanna fix them so I usually go find answers to the problems this girl and I have, bt I've noticed that it seemed like I was the only one tryin>>so I decided to stop and let her find the answers..she started and then after 2 days ,she gave up...i still research stuff to help build the relationship, but I hate feeling like I'm the oly one who wants it>>shes a tomboyish type girl so she says she has a lot of guy friends etc>>>>i get jealous sometimes and tel her about it bt she doesn't seem to care! she says she loves me bt I can't help but doubt it..actions speak louder than words>>i mean she didn't even wna build the relationship>>after 2 days she found an excuse nt to do it!what should I do?


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  • Relax, take a deep breath. Remember, it is what it is. You are over thinking this. She may not be asking you to "fix" things. This makes females a bit upset when males do this. Yes, we know that you all like to do this, but you sometimes have to relax and just let things happen. She is obviously not into the jealous thing, so I would back off of this too. Just be cool, be yourself, be who you were when she started to like you. Remember that? Try getting in touch with that again & see if this helps at all.

    Have a talk with her, don't press things, just let her know that you just want things to be good. That's all. Remember, you cannot force things in a relationship. They just have to happen sometimes.

    Good luck.


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