He wants love or fun?

So I met this guy 2 months ago and since the beginning we both felt a special connection, in fact we already liked each other before a friend introduced us. He is a sweet, shy boy and we have tons of things in common, he makes me laugh a lot and we can talk about anything. We dated several times for about 3 weeks until I moved out of town. We decided to have a long-distance relationship and we talk on the phone for hours at night, during the day we text each other and sometime we watch movies or series at the same time. I'll probably see him again in a week and a half. The thing is that recently he has been suggesting lightly that we should take the relationship to another level. I'm his first girlfriend and we are both virgins so the further we had gone is a very Long kiss with some caress in the back or hair and he went down until my butt but very softly, in a very respectful way I thought was very cute. Even though I'm a virgin I like to make out and stuff and I wouldn't mind to have sex with this guy but I'm just wondering if it is too soon.. I just want to know if he wants a full relationship or just wait until having sex and then dump me.

I know that if he wanted just sex he wouldn't decided to still be with me even if I was far away and he says that he loves and wants me badly and when he says it there's a fire in his eyes and voice that makes me know that it's true. Is just that sometimes I'm too insecure and wonder why a Boy would love me and then let my mind wander about all the ways he could hurt me.

So.. What do you guys think?


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  • I'd say since you're only 16, you should wait.

    Guys around this age usually are not serious about "love", not that he doesn't mean it but rather he doesn't fully understand the seriousness of the word.

    If he's really in love with you, he'll be understanding about you wanting to still take things slow.

    • Yeah but.. It's not like he's making any pressure into me, even though we both wanted to have sex I know I'm too young and I also know he wouldn't force me. Just want to know if besides the sexual desire he has real feelings for me

    • Oh, my answer must have given the wrong impression.

      I'm sure he does have real feelings for you, and it's great that he isn't pressuring you. All I mean is that I think 2 months is a bit too soon.

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