Good if guy keeps talking about the future?

we are dating for a bit now and he kept mentioning the future. he teased me about what I will get him for his birthday which is in October. I told him I like a certain thing and he said "i'll keep that in mind for the future". on our last date a few days ago he teased me that if I don't finish my drink he is going to hold it against me every time we go out for drinks from now on.

we met up after work a few days ago and I was thinking I may have to leave because of my doctor appointment and he said "i'd be happy to go out with you but if you need to leave I''ll give you one 'free pass' for this time, but only this time and not next time!"

and we have another date in two days and several more tentative dates already.

does this mean he likes me and plans to keep me around?


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  • It sounds like you're having a good time and you two are enjoying each other. So focus on that. Focus on enjoying NOW. By thinking of the future you're putting a lot of expectation and hope into the relationship which sets you up for disappointment if it doesn't happen the way you are envisioning it now. Enjoy the moments you are experiencing as they are happening. And afterward, when you're not with him, replay/relive those moments in your mind - but not TOO much. It's always better to live in the present, not the future or the past.

    And I'm speaking from experience here. Had a breakup of sorts couple months ago and it has been very difficult. We talked about camping in the future, but now it'll never happen. I told him that in 5 years when he graduates college I would definitely be there to watch him walk if he goes to the ceremony. But now we are no longer a part of each others' lives at all. It's very sad to think that all the things I saw us doing together, having this person in my life forever is completely gone.

    Don't make the same mistake I did. The longer you're in a relationship then the farther out you can start thinking about the future.


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  • I like talking about the future: One day we'll have cites on the moon and in the year 2019 America will be attacked by space martians.

  • Yes, it's good. Means he plans to spend much more time with you!


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