I'm not sure what to think here?

There's this girl that works in this food place across the street from my job. I go in there just about everyday I work, sometimes for food but mostly for cold drinks. There's this girl I see one day that works there and I notice her more over the course of the weeks. She seemed like she was down to earth and had some sense of humor talking with other people. One day I finally say something to her, then ask her, her name., She tells me and asks mine. I tell her, we chat for a second and right before we part ways I compliment her on her hair. She kinda blushes and says thanks, I leave.

I see her a few days later and make a joke to her. She smiles and answers back sarcastically, smiles and says have a nice day and immediately walks away. I see her a few hours later when I go back over to eat. I make another joke, in regards to the previous one from earlier and I already have a response ready to her response and she just says "uh...yeah" and kinda just ignores me.

Is this kinda thing normal? Like for someone to just start a conversation one day and then from that day on says something to you?

Is this a weird scenario or did I do something wrong?


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  • She's not interested in you, and she's trying to give you the hint. She didn't mind you saying hi, because it was just being friendly, but then she got the idea that you are trying to talk to her because you like her, and she doesn't want to lead you on.


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