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Ok so my ex/ baby daddy/ still doesn't have anything to do with our child but wants to talk to me. Asked me to trade "special pics" with him. This is some game he has made up. Well we were talking and he asked what do I remember from our past relationship. I told him and then asked him the same question. He responded with "not as much as I like to" then proceeded to tell me little things he remembered. So not really sure how to take that? Then I asked him why doesn't he trade these types of pics with his wife ( they are seperated and I think now trying to work on things). He claims he only wants to with people he's not sleeping with. So what doe this mean!?!?!? ha ha this guy confuses the hell out of me


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  • Um that he sucks, if he's the father of your child, doesn't associate with him or anything, but wants to talk to you WHILE he's trying to fix a broken relationship with his wife... Eh.



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