Is it wrong of me to be upset?

Heres the story.

Me and my bride to be have been out most nights this week but we usually had to go home befor to long cause we both have had work in the morning. Well today was supposed to be our nig to go register at a store. I didn't have to work and niether of us work in the morning so we could stay out after and be togeather all night. its what we kept saying all week as we had to say our goodbyes.

Now the day of I'm getting all stoked cause I'm ready and just had to wait for her to get off..

As she gets off she calls and cancels. Cause of her leg hurts. And no girls its not cramps she acually tells me when she has those. So I'm OK. I mean ya her leg hurts so ill give her that walking around a store wouldn't be good. So I'm sad we can't go but OK with it.

So I decided id ask if I could come over to watch a movie with her instead. No walking just sitting/laying.. She says no cause I might hit the leg... OK I can see that

So I insist on maybe going and buying her dinner then. No walking, sitting, or touching even right? She again told me no she's fine..

OK now I'm a little nerved and acually worring about her leg cause it must hurt bad right and she is my bride to be? So I'm worried

So I asked her if me going to come over and check on her was OK cause at this point I just want to make sure she was alright. And at least seeing her would make me feel better about not having our night togeather.. She again told me no..

So now I'm upset cause come on I'm going to merry her and she dosnt want me around. she's done this befor when we were dating she would cancel a date the day if not the hour were supposed to go one it..

So my question is.. Is it wrong that I'm upset?

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And what I mean by out all night is that.. No sex involved. Just us being together.

Were waiting for sex till after marriage
Ok.. I missed one key bit of information..

We were out the night befor registering at a diffrent store and she was saying how her leg hurt. I felt it and one of her muscles was tight. So the leg being sore is legit.


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  • Hi there. First off I'm happy to hear you are waiting until marriage. I chose to do that as well and I thought I was the only one on this site lol. OK now to answer your question. Should you be upset. Yes. Why? Because you are. Tons of times we think that there has to be some great explanation or reasoning for someone to be upset and the truth is if something bothers you regardless of if its right or bothers you. Going into a marriage you have to be able to communicate. Not simply because of you want resolution but also because there are so many ways to misunderstand, misinterpret or even conclude something that is not true. So why speculate. Go to the source. It could be that she really just wanted to be alone since you have spent every day together, there is nothing wrong with wanting me time but there is something wrong if she stated its about her leg and its really not even if it does hurt. It could be its really her leg and she wanted to take some advil and go to bed and no point in you coming over to watch her sleep. My point is it could be anything, so don't speculate and talk to her and focus on what is really bothering you...her canceling at the last minute. I suggest you start out by telling her that you really missed her yesterday and was looking forward to see her, you know that her leg was hurting and you understand that she probably didn't want to be bothered but that seeing her makes your day and you were so excited to see and it bothers you when she cancels on you at the last minute cause its all you been looking forward to all day. Then let the convo progress from there. Hope this helps. Wish you the best.


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  • It's not the leg. I can assure you that. I mean... you're willing to go there and bring her some food, check on her, relax, and she still says no? It's not the leg. It's like if I tell my boyfriend my hair feels dry today! Lame, lame answer. I think you should have asked her if something was wrong. Maybe she's going to see someone else, someone you don't like. If I just don't want to see my boyfriend some day, I tell him and in case I was to lie, I guess I'd tell him I have to talk to some friend because she's feeling bad and stuff. A leg, however, is so, so unconvincing.

  • She doesn't want to see you. Can you live with this kind of behavior for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?


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  • Not really. Obviously last-minute cancellations are really annoying. But it's not too big of a deal. There's clearly a different problem - it's not just her leg. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a huge issue for you two, though (but you should try to find out what the real problem is, and explain to her that if you're gonna get married, you guys should be able to be completely open with each other no matter what).

    • Ya the cancellation.really wasn't the problem. I'm upset because it was like she didn't want to see me at all

    • Well, sometimes people want to be alone? But you should try to ask her about it, /at a better time/ though. By that, I mean at a time when both of you are happy and calm and open. That way, she'll be more likely to be able to open up to you about what was really the problem that day (because the leg, even if it was legit, couldn't have been the reason she didn't want to see you).

  • Women voting A... lol. Bitches. She's probably hiding something or lying. I would be worried too.

    It's entirely rude on her part too. Women are so damn frustrating and selfish -_-

    • Or maybe women voting A are saying yes it's OK you're upset even though the question "is it wrnog of me to be upset."

      Some people fail at reading comprehension

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