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I was spending time getting to know a guy on my dorm floor. We laugh a lot together, he says I am cool, and he even gave me a nickname. For some reason, we drifted (due to lack of time in our schedules I guess) and now it is kind of awkward to talk with him. One day, he asked me "are you too good for me now?" in a semi-joking way. I was shocked, b/c he used to smile at me all the time, but over time I thought he was the one acting weird.

Do you think he could of had some feelings for me or something?

I figured no, b/c when he did like this one girl he was hanging with her a lot and even asked her out. So, if he did like me, he would have told me. What are your opinions?


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  • I think you should still hang out with him. A friendship isn't worth loosing because you don't know if a guy likes you. I think I did a little though. He likes to hang out with you obviously and if you really want it to evolve into something more then your going to have to be patient and have lots of FUN!! (not in the nasty bed sense)

    • Thanks! I went to dinner with him and another friend. When I told him about my older sister he asked if he could have her number, and when I said no, he joked, "oh, so ur keeping me for yourself?" Hint? At the end, he said us hanging out was really fun!

    • Your welcome! I'm really glad I got to help. XD

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  • Yeah, you stood out (in a positive way) and he liked you! Probably still does but hung out with that other girl b/c he thought he had more of a chance w her.

  • I love that cute 'hint' he gave you! He's adorable!

    He did just joke around when he asked you for your sister's number, right? XD