Does my ex want me to sleep with her?

Really wondering how to decipher this.

Please help?

Okay so I had this girlfriend a couple years ago. We were really close but it just didn't work out for reasons. She has a boyfriend now and we both know damn well it work work between us.

Well I moved away about 200 miles north from her, and she is now saying she's going to be in town up here on her way through the state. She's apparently gonna get a hotel up here too. She asked if I could go visit her and we can "hang out". I said I wouldn't know where to stay (Ilive about 90 miles out of town) she says I can stay at the hotel with her.

She hasn't made any innuendos, but the situation is very stranger. What do you guys think?


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  • She has a boyfriend, yet she is asking you to spend the night with her? That is pretty messed up even if NOTHING happened.

    Also, how could you not know "where to stay". She is staying at a hotel right? Unless it is completely booked, you can stay there in your OWN room.

  • A couple of years seems long enough. You shouldn't expect anything. But if it were me, I wouldn't ask my ex to just sleep over. How much does her current boyfriend know? If her current boyfriend doesn't know that you're going to be staying with her (or if he doesn't know she's even near your town), then she probably wants to do more than just hang out~~^^


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