Guys: Would you like it if your girlfriend was very physically affectionate?

I'm pretty physically affectionate. I'm not very good with words(in person atleast), so it's easier for me to show a guy(or anyone else really) how I feel rather than say it.

As an example of what I mean: instead of saying something like 'I really care about you' I'm more likely to just give him a really tight loving hug.

I'm just not that comfortable expressing myself emotionally, so showing it physically is the best way for me to do it.

Also, do you think it translates to him what I mean when I do things like that?


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  • Are you kidding? I love it my wife is very affectionate. As they say, actions speak much louder than words.


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  • I've had a couple of friends who showed affection physically..I had no problem, but some people were put off.

    From my girlfriend, well, more is better. But I like affection, and have mo problems with PDA.


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