Why is he not talking to me?

we are friends since November last year. We talk a lot over the chat box in the office, exchange text messages, call me pal!, and almost every time we see each other he is teasing me. but today I came to watch him play basketball with few other friends, but he just simply say hi. and bye. he is avoiding me I can feel it maybe because other people are teasing us. but it is so unfair that he talks to me in chat box, shares with me a lot of things and avoid me in person. I like thisguy so much. but now I'm annoyed.


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  • I think he felt out of place around his friends when you watched him played basketball. He tried to make it look like he didn't know you and stuff. But he was busy playing b-ball and it's hard to concentrate on talking and playing. He should had been happy that you came to watch and see you. And I feel if he likes you and chats with you a lot and texts you then he should be trying to spend time or hang out with you in person. Maybe you caught him at a bad time.

    • yeah.. he never really spend time with me in person.. that's why its very odd.. because I have many friends who talks to me and texts me and also spends time with me.. its like we are secret friends.. I don't really understand.. he can just forget me.. avoid me and never talk to me.. not just secret friends

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    • He messaged me this morning.. And as if he did not ignred me the whole day yesterday.. but he made it clear to me.. that he just doesn't want us to be teased.. he keeps on saying sorry. He said, he is in love still with his ex girlfriend.. and he doesn't want the ex girlfriend to have negative thoughts about him. because he still plans to get back with her. hehe.. I'm ok..:)

    • Wow so he messaged you and told you all f that. Yeah he should be sorry. I'm glad he apologized and told you what's up. But wow that came out of no where. I'm glad he told you a reason why he was acting weird. Lol his ex probably found another guy. I'm glad your OK. Are you still going to be friends with him? This will make things different now.

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  • Things got this way with my crush at times. I think he turned kinda hot/cold like this because he wasn't sure if I felt the same about him and therefore he became discouraged. I even got this way with him at times. I was so frustrated with him that I'd get annoyed and not even talk to him some days, probably making things worse.He probably doesn't want others to know there is something going on between you two. And maybe he isn't sure if you are just being super friendly or actually like him.

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    • well I'm so confused. if he doesn't like me. why talk to me? because I am a friend right? but why in person he doesn't treat me like a friend. so confuse really. I can go by any. but he makes me crazy.

    • Could be nerves. I just saw my crush for the first time in 2 weeks. (we were both on vacation) We texted over those 2 weeks and were kinda flirty. But when we saw each other today, we didn't really talk that much. Granted, it was busy and we only saw each other for less than an hour. But still--- it is kind of discouraging when you talk to someone so easily and often over text but in person it is less. I really think it could be nerves. Embarrassed for others to see you flirting?

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