He was mean to me. Sent me dirt nasty text. So I did something he called spiteful. Was I wrong to do that?

Two months ago I met this guy at the birthday party.

He seems nice and we exchaged phone numbers!

We met three times, and afterward I tried to avoid him (I thought he was difficult and feel like all he wants is just have sex!)

And here's a deal!

He texted me " would you beg to have sex with me and my friend?"

So I said "no, and you are gross!"

And then he said "haha I was just joking ,my friend and I were betting on what you would say"

OMG what kind of person he is?

I know, not good, I wanted revenge on him...

So I took a photo of text and spread it out on Facebook sending this to his friends...

And then he discovered then said, 'you are an evil ..,

what you did was very spiteful'..blahblah

But he did wrong at first, didn't he?

Need your opinions on what I did, thanks!

I posted that on like 6 months lol

I am sure a half of hi friends see that text lol


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  • You escalated this WAY too far. You probably ruined his social life, and may have cost him a job. For what? A joke at your expense? Not cool.

    Oh, and all his friends are probably scared of you now. If you're in a less populated area, you're gonna have a hard time finding a boyfriend.

    • Yay! I ruined his social life ! this is exactly what I wanted ! what he did was unforgivable.

      I want to let people know do not mess with me !

    • Yeah, you're obviously trolling.

    • haha I swore at his mom.

  • I think it wasn't good to do even though I do understand your anger very well. He was playing an immature joke. I know it's hard, I'm a person who's easily getting angry and then stays like this for a while - but try to be the more mature when things like this happen. I wouldn't even send anything back and delete the message right away.

  • What he did was wrong but between you and him what you did was a mas public insult

  • You already asked this. I still have the same answer. You were wrong!

  • I honestly believe you have mental problems. Good day and try to find better things to do with your time.

    • Why? Why do you say that?

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    • boo

    • Hahahaha this made me laugh, made my night :L

  • You already asked this before weirdo. I answered last time saying that even if this story is true that you have mental problems wasting your time doing something silly like posting his text on Facebook. Looking for different answers or just trolling?

    • I think you made up this whole story because you have mental issues.

    • Nah, she made the whole story up because she's an acne-ridden high schooler who's never spoken to a boy.

    • That seems very likely miss virginia

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  • You're an ass. What he did was wrong, but you should have done the mature thing and stopped talking to him. You just like the attention and feeling good about yourself. So I hope you had fun. Everyone thinks you're the stupid bitch anyway, and probably likes him MORE than they would have, simply because you're picking on him.

  • Um...

  • What he did was wrong and the reason he called you evil and spiteful was probably because he felt stupid and embarrassed. I don't blame you for what you did, I wouldn't say you did anything wrong. Forget him he's a total waste of time and energy.

    • LOL, wow...can someone say "worst answer"

    • I was just being friendly, I don't want to upset someone with mental problems thrn get posted all over the internet :L

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