I don't know how to pick out good men....Help please !

Hello. Just like a lot of females, I have a very hard time picking out men that are good for me. I will be 23 years old next year and I know I still have my whole life to live but I would love to talk to a guy that wants the same things in life as me. Now I broke up with my ex because of how he treated me and because he had a felony, 2 kids he doesn't take care of, no license and a car...He had a whole lot more going to where I had to leave him. He's 28 years old at that. Now I'm talking to this new guy who I went to high school with and well he's a Pisces (for those who believe in the signs) and he's 25 years old. He is nice, funny, charming and I like him. We click and he is very soft and emotional like me to where he wants the same thing I want in a relationship. I don't know if I'm being too hard and too realistic about the situation but he doesn't have a license, car and phone at the moment. He has no felonies, kids or any real baggage like my exes. He is a basketball coach and wants to be a personal trainer. Now I don't want to get blinded by love. I am really focused on making my life better (which is great at the moment) I also have no car but do have a license and I'm in the process of starting to save up for my car; should I gave this guy a chance. Am I being too unrealistic about him? I know times are hard in this economy but I don't want to keep dating guys that can't take me out once in a while etc but he is very clingy and expresses his feelings to me which I like. My mom says give him a chance because he seems genuine but idk. I'm really stuck and on the fence about this one...I really like him though to where I get those butterflies. ladies and gents please hellpppp !

I will be 23 years old NEXT MONTH! not next year, sorry !
Also he is scared to get hurt (just like anyone else) but he keeps saying please don't bail on him as soon as things get rough. he wants me to promise him I will never leave and we just met...is normal behavior for a sincere guy? or is this a bunch of bullsh*t and game he is running on me?


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  • Doesnt really sound like you picked your last guy well indeed.

    Pick a guy that's nice, pick one that's caring. Don't care about the car or if he owns a house. Pick a guy that has his life 'sort of' in order. He may be struggling, but doing what he wants to do in life. What would you prefer, a rich guy that hates his job and his frustrations end up in your relationship, or a happy guy that's enthusiastic about his life, loves his job, and is a caring person?

    Times are hard, hell, picking a profession is hard. Do you go for cash or your dream? Sounds to me like he went for his dream, and I appreciate and respect that!

    • Your right. He lives 25 min away from me and he will find a way out here to see me but does he seem genuine? I think so but he is very clingy and wants to me to be his girl asap and we just met. I don't know why I have it in my head that I need to be with a guy that has it all or at least something ya know. when he told me he lived with his cousin, I was like oh great, another couch potato but all that no car, license doesn't really matter now days because its fixabe stuff right?

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  • at least you've had a boyfriend before, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

    • So your saying give this guy a chance?

    • too be honest I did not read the entire question, I just noticed the part saying you had broken up with someone, but since I've never been in a relationship before, I'm saying you should be glad at least you've had one

  • Do the EXACT opposite of what you normally do. DO IT!

    • which is run or give this guy a chance?

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    • I will see. He gets fussy when I tell him I have to do something and will text him later on. My last was like that and is that a red that he wants to talk on the phone and text me all day? we just met yesterday and he wants me to make me his girl already...is this normal for a guy?

    • If he falls head over heels for you then sure it is.

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