Do you think it's too much for a first date?

first of all would you call it a date if you met sm1 the first time randomly at uni and then went to the bar and start feeling chemistry and by the end of the night hugged and kissed french kiss and the guy rubbing the girl? And also do you think that's too much for meeting someone first time?


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  • It's not a date it's called a "pick up" or "hooking up"

    Perfectly normal. I do in on a regular basis...Go to the beach, meet new girls, tell them where I will be going out that night, meet them at night, dance a bit, grind a bit and then make out.

    And plenty of times I just meet girls where I go out, on the dancefloor etc and make out pretty fast.

    People just follow their lust and it sure as hell makes you happy, so why not?

    Don't believe that your dating life should be as in movies: shy guy asking a girl out for dinner and movies, and they do exactly that and then part ways.

    It's not like that in the real world.

    People hook up :D

    especially when their young and on vacation etc.

    Nothing special, just enjoy the ride!

    • Why would you ask the girl by the end of the nigh if she enjoyed herself? That's before kissing. So that's still a hook up?

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    • Some people are simple. I'm one of them myself.

      Either f*** me or f*** off.

      I give the girl an option.

      She can have sex with no strings, or no contact at all.

      I don't want you as GF, I don't want you as a friend. I just want sex.

      It's up to you to choose and I'm very upfront about it.

      So you pretty much said: "Only as a GF" which is a "no" for him because that's not what he's after.

      So there's no reason he should continue waste time on you.

    • He said he just wanted to b friends before thou, I told him I'm a virgin and he js wanted to b friends then. I said ok. And wen I initiated after a month that I wanted to see him again he said he said wer beter friends, thanx thou! tb...n wen I said I jst wana b friends too he said no we are beter just friends. So basicly when I said that's all I want he was being moody. he just expects it to go his way when he wants it. So it just makes him a rude incosiderate person..

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