How many of you women have profiles on dating sites? ....if you do then why did you turn to online dating?

Just asking because I would think it wouldn't be a problem for most women to find a guy if they were that lonely.


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  • Maybe some women go to online dating sites to find men to talk to? Just because they have a boyfriend, or get attention from guys, doesn't mean they really connect the way they would want to with a man.

    All the attention in the world could still leave some women feeling lonely.

    But now a days, I find a lot of women going on online dating sites because they have given up on trying to find "the one" at bars, clubs, etc. Which makes sense.. because, I believe we shouldn't expect anything serious with people we meet at bars/clubs, or anything/place that involves alcohol.


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  • See for women it's not just about getting laid like men :D

    Women can pick out nearly any man they want and them "have sex with me right now" and men will do it.

    But...getting a man to become your Boyfriend is really f***ing hard for women.

    If you don't have sex with them, they get frustrated and leave, if you have sex with them to soon they will not respect you anymore and leave etc.

    Also you have to keep in mind that the internet has a more broader range of people so the chances you'll find a more suitable partner to fit your spefic needs can be bigger.

    For example if you like watching birds and skydiving there's little chance you'll actually find someone that likes that in your local bar. so you have to search in a wider area, over the internet.

    I've never been a fan of internet dating and have never participated in it, But I can understand that for some people it's a better way of dating since you actually find people who you are genuinely interested in, not just a hot guy in the bar who can pretend he's interested in a woman for one night.

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