Do guys really want to be just friends? why would he do this?

so we have been dating and getting to know each other but are not a couple at this point. we talk a lot, we are pretty close. I get the impression we have a good thing going on and he has said so too.

when we are out together he always holds my hand, leans into me, kisses me, etc. we definitely look like a couple and he never called me his friend, ever. in fact he called our outings dates, he calls me babe, etc.

this lady at the bar asked us how long we were together and since we aren't really we just looked at each other and he jumped in and said we are friends acting like a couple to fool everyone.

later he told me I "looked upset" that he used the friends word, and asked sarcastically "so, are we friends?"

why would he do this? can't he tell I like him? was he just copping out and testing my reaction or what? I don't want to be just friends, and I thought guys usually don't either.

we hit it off and started going out together right when we met, and he sure does not act like we are friends. and I know he's attracted to me.



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  • From all those "couple" things he's been doing with you, it seems like he was basically hinting for you to tell him how you really feel.

    By saying it sarcastically, he was telling you "tell me you like me!"


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