Guys! I need to know what to do!

So. I was picking up my friend the other day & around the corner from her I saw my crush in his garage! So I got out & I was like hey! He was like what are you doing here? I was like my friend lives around the corner, he got alittle suspicious though. But anyways he was all " now you know where I live!" & I was like "well you will see me more often then." then we said bye & I left... Was that a sign to go back? Should I go back? We have alittle history though... He used to like me, but I didn't like him, about 3 months ago I started to like him, last month I told him... What should I do? If I go back, what should I say? & I'm not the flirty type, I'm pretty shy... Thanks! :)


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  • I think it's more of a friendly thing, not something to be taken literally.

    It'd be just fine for you to pass by one day, just to say what's up.

  • Idk if it means come back to my house but its a definant sign he likes you and wants to talk/see you more... I wouldn't reccomend dropping by unannounced because that can get a little stalkerish

    • Thanks for the advice, I seriously appreciate it, so...should I tell him I'm gonna drop by? Because I don't think he'll invite me... So?

    • idk just ask him if he wants to hang out or w.e

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