I am afraid of getting too domestic?

Hi, I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend, and have been for 6 months, and I am afraid of getting too comfortable in my relationship. We are so comfortable with each other and to me it seems pretty early... I love him and he loves me but lots if times our schedule only allow us to hang out for a few hours at one of our houses watching TV or something... We don't go out and do things, and it feels like before he was so desperate to make out with me and now it doesn't seem like he wants to as much . Should I be worried or is this a natural occurrence in every relationship?


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  • not exactly sure of the question but here goes

    are you bored in your current relationship? if its not what suits you than don't be in it.

    personally, I like to be a little domestic sometimes. staying in with the girlfriend and laying in bed and watching a movie together, I enjoy it. not all the time, sometimes I want to go out to bars together too. either way, we both enjoy what we get to do.

    if you want to go out and do things, initiate it. a lot of girls just expect the guy to have dinner reservations every other night or something. if you really want to go out and do something with him, try planning something? or floating the idea out to him?


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