When would be good to confirm plans with guy of interest?

There's a guy that I met this past spring semester that I ended up getting to know and liked a lot in one of my classes. I've only seen him twice this summer, once to go bowling with a group of people from our class after spring semester ended and once a few weeks ago with same group of people to have lunch with a professor at some point this fall. We were all supposed to go out bowling next weekend but then two people had to cancel and it came down to just him and I. We decided on rescheduling bowling and I made a point to tell him that I would still be interested in getting together with him and asked him if would want to get together to have lunch or coffee. He agreed to meeting up for lunch. My question, how many days ahead of our get together would be good to contact him to confirm plans?


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  • Highly variable.

    3-5 days (not hours...) is a good first shot.


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