Date gone wrong? Whatcha think ladies?

Just got home from the date..went good got her some roses..but she didn't want her parents to see them so she snuck them downstairs? ..we didn't kiss just Because I didn't kn how she thought things here parents were around when I left...anyway we got dinner,then went to her house..and she invited 2 of her friends over..thought that was weird..but they were super cool..they we watched some TV...ha... she had to go to work so then I left. fawwwwk anyway so I texted her and said I had a good time blah blah, and she said she was kinda shy to kiss me. left her a fb comment...but that got deleted by her..and yeah. she said " drive safe please I hope it wasn't completely not worth it =/ I'm glad I finally got to meet you though, thanks for everything" ...and I said hope someday I can redeem that kiss..and she said " I hope so too"... ha ha f*** me right? this is a disaster date and I'm f***ed right?


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  • She said she was too shy to kiss you, which meant she wanted to but didn't have the guts.

    You said you wanted that kiss one day and she said: "I hope so too", so that means she wants it.

    She was shy so she asked some friends over to make her feel more comfortable, maybe that's why they came over? If the date was a disaster and she wasn't into you, she wouldn't even text you back, let alone let you know she wanted to kiss you too.

    Just ask her out on another date or let her know you're down for another date. You could text her: let me know if you wanna hang out again ;)

    or something like that.

    Parents could be a pain in the ass when it comes to dating. I told my parents I went on a date just because they would know I'd be hanging out with a guy a lot so...maybe she doesn't wanna say it too soon? If it wouldn't work out then she saved herself the trouble of telling her parents it didn't work out.

    • very smart thinking :) sometimes I gotta think of other perspectives..thanks you!

    • That's why it's a good thing to come to GAG ^^ You're welcome and thanks for B.A.!

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  • Well that was a weird series of events, haha. But it seems like she knows that when she said she hoped it was at least a bit worth it :P Her actual words sound good. Try not to drive yourself crazy thinking about it, sounds like it's just a rough/awkward start.

    • True, haha. it was quit the series of events. thankyou!

  • I don't know how old she is, but is she not allowed to date or something? I think it's weird to delete a comment someone left on fb...but I guess it depends on what exactly you said in it. Normally it would be weird for her to invite friends over if you were on a date (I certainly wouldn't do it) so that was actually kind of rude of her. But how well do you know each other? If you don't know each other that well maybe she isn't fully comfortable being alone with you yet (which is understandable; so if that's the case give it some time). Also she just could have zero experience with anything like this, in which case it's also understandable. She might not know how to react. I would say if she keeps talking to you that's good, but don't push the issue about the kiss or anything like that whenever you see/text her as that can make her nervous and pull away more. I know everyone expects the guy to do everything but in my opinion the ball is now in her court. I've been in this kind of situation before (obvs reversed though since I'm a girl, haha) and I've found that the best thing is not to wait around for them; if I seem like I am having a good time on my own they don't feel that pressure, and they feel comfortable. But don't totally stop talking to her or she'll think you're not interested anymore, just continue to be friendly and you can't go wrong. Good luck :)

    • Thankyou, we know each other pretty good... I just got the vibe she liked someone else with hiding the flowers on her parents/deleting fb comment..which all it said was..had a good wknd with kayla, not ready for the work week to begin... ha

  • Her words seems very direct and favourable to you.

    Im just quite doubt of the fact she deleted your comment on FB. I don't know what you wrote on her wall though. But if it's too explicit, maybe she just doesn't want to let her friend know ab you when you haven't dated yet. Otherwise, it appears she doesn't want someone else to see it.

    • i just tag her in my status...said "had a good day with... not looking forward to the work week."

  • I think it's not that bad at all. She responded in a positive way, you might have something going on, maybe you should ask her for a second date.


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  • The only thing that would have annoyed the sh*t out of me is her inviting friends over. A date is supposed to be a one on one thing where you get to know each other, and that would have been a deal breaker for me. Overall though, it sounds like it was a pretty favorable outing. I think there's still potential there to get something going with her.

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