What Does This Say About Her?

My friend had this online boyfriend and wants to break up with him because she feels like she is holding him back. The only way they can talk to each other is this messaging app so she is thinking about sending him this message what does this message say about her?

Scott I am breaking up with you, I won't change my mind this tiime. I know for a fact that you can do so better and don't try to change my mind. You don't have to respond to this because I am blocking you after I send this... Goodbye, I hope you have a great life


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  • It says to me that she wants to end it, and she's made her mind up. Though that's what comes to mind reading it as is. I don't know her all that well though. If she's broken up with him before, I might have trouble believing it, and may even start a betting pool with anyone who gives enough of a fuck. Anyway it's her choice. I say let her do it if she wants. Maybe then, she'd get a boyfriend of her own, in person. Maybe he was holding her back just as much. Who knows? But let her make her own choices. It's her life.


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