Why is he asking me for this?

a few days ago my boyfriend asked me if I can help him out August 6 and pay his cell phone bill for him... But the thing is my birthday is August 6 (turning 20), I only work part because I go to school so I don't make very much and the money I do make I have to use for school ,but I decided I am going to use my check this weekend to enjoy my birthday and get my hair done and go to dinner , So I really don't have money to pay his bill... I'm very upset that he's asking me this and keeps bothering me about it knowing its my birthday , I don't even pay my own cell phone bill my father does... What do I do about this situation , I don't to loose him but I'm not gonna pay out money for him on my birthday , and be stuck with nothing... do you think he's being selfish?


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  • I wouldn't ask that. He does know it's your B Day?

    What can you say? I'd like to help but I just can't.


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  • if he hits you up for money all the time, its a problem. if its a one time thing, and he genuinely needs your help, you have to decide if it's worth it, or if he's gonna do it again.


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  • When you get money involved with any relationship, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend, things can get complicated.

    Especially since you don't have a ton of money, just tell him you'd like to help but can't.