Should I talk to him?

So me and this guy were together for 2 years. He proposed and gave me an engagement ring. At first I started to plan then I stopped I didn't really want to marry him so soon. He was my first boyfriend first everything. He always asked me to move in with him but I didn't want to he always wanted me to stay the night but I couldn't my mom would freak. We were having so many fights because I had so many rules and he was so jealous and just nothing was working out. I love this man with all my heart but my mom was always in the relationship. Me and him got in an argument and my mom say it and heard she texted him saying he is no long part of the family he is not welcomed in the house that he doesn't deserve me, he wrote me a text as much as it hurts me but it's over I can't take it anymore. I called and he told me what happened and he was so mad. I keeled texting him wanting to talk but he was rude. The whole time we would test if was arguments. Well I asked him to go to the wedding with cousin we had already planned on going. He said OK I told him for one day we will forget everything and act like nothing. Everything was great we had a great time. He keeled going outside to smoke I would stay in with my cousins there were times when he tried to kiss me and I would turn my head. He got mad went outside and didn't want to dance anymore, I ignored him and keeled dancing with my cousins, he got mad and went to his car I go with him and he said I was ignoring him. I said me and you need to talk. Let me get my purse can you wait. He said soon as I walked away he left. Goes back and gives my brother my Id he had. Writes me a text sending me a pic of me and him he said I honestly thought we were gonna work things out but I feel so offended on how you just ignored me. I felt out of place. ,u were drunk with your family and friends you didn't need me. I don't know why you even invited me, I texted him saying I wanted to leave with him and all of that after a few texting back and forth he stopped texting. I don't know what to do. I can't beg him to stay with me. This whole time I have been the one to text him I miss you we need to talk I want to work things out. I invited him because I wanted to be with him, I don't know what to do anymore. Should I go talk to him.will he come around or go find someone else


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  • It sounds like you're too young for a permanent commitment to anyone He should understand that.

    Give yourself several months apart with little or no contact, and see where your heads are at after that time has passed.

    In the meantime, enjoy life, meet new people, go different places and do things where you aren't going to run into him or your old friends.

  • Please use line breaks next time, this is difficult to read...

    I think you should go over to him and make him sit down and listen to your side of the story.


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